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Windsor has been home for Isaac since December of 1999. Growing up out west in and around Calgary Alberta, Isaac relocated here for work as the Marketing Director for a Travel Company. Isaac has always believed in home ownership and purchased his first home and put down roots right away. Now married to a wonderful Windsor girl with a family of 2 children, 2 cats and a dog. In 2007 he sold his first home and began investing in real estate with the purchase of a duplex which ended up being the cornerstone of a rental portfolio and the inspiration to pursue licensing as a REALTOR. Isaac began his career as a solo agent in 2009 and quickly realized that the expression “find something you love doing and you’ll never ‘work’ another day in your life” was as true as anything in describing his passion for helping clients navigate the real estate process. Fast forward 6 years and the Verge Real Estate Team was formed. Taking client service to the next level is not a one person job and collaborating together in pursuit of helping clients reach their goals has proven to be the right approach. As of the ten year anniversary Verge and team have been responsible with guiding clients through the process of buying and selling over 1000 properties. Operating at approximately a 90% repeat and referral basis they describe their clients as their client family. Verge Real Estate Team is always working hard for your referrals!

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